Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 21

So one huge thing! Tim Ferris commented on the last blog post - which is AWESOME. Here's how it happened. I went back to the site to look through the blog again and get new inspiration and Tim had a contest up on to design the book cover for his next book tentatively called: Becoming Superhuman. So I summoned my best printshop skills and submitted my design. Low on artistic quality and high on concept, I tried to depict a human specimen (in this case in the form of a picture of mr. ferriss ripped of his blog) along side a mixing board - illustrating the directions in the book will allow you to adjust the qualities of your body on command like lowering the terrible or upping the mids. I'd be stoked to win the $250 bucks for the top four of 'tim's favorites' but I'll have some pretty intense competition - here is the front runner from Anthony Adams:

So took last week of the blog to see how it affected my performance, after all the point of the experiment is to see the best results with the least amount of input, ie WORK. So I noticed from Week 1 to Week 2 my biggest change was that I did not keep as accurate of a record of my lift weights. I had the gym loop down. I pretty much new what weight was going to get me close to faliure after 8 reps. The recording of each lift (weight / rep) was just slowing me down, so I stopped. I concentrated on getting to faliure rather than focuding on increasing reps or weight and did not miss a beat. So from Week 2 to Week 3, I figured I try the same thing with the blog. Was the blog just a waste of time and I could achieve the same results without putting time into it? The answer is no. Without posting my food intake daily I did not have the daily motivation to focus as intently on what I was eating and I was more likely to indulge without the looming daily blog post of how I had failed. Now that my Tim Ferriss blog comment is a week old, I will be back to daily blogging for the last week, I plan on being perfect eater this week and having a great wrap up post!


  1. dude where's the rest of the blog posts??!