Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 2

Apparently Day 1 wasn't as successful as I thought as I misunderstood / misread the directions work-out.  My buddy Brian, also experimenting with the Ferriss methods emailed me:

I'll point out if you read the weight gaining article again, he's not necessarily recommending just those exercises listed. In-fact, I think he's saying keep those to a minimum (4 or so) and try to focus more on the single joint exercises on machines. But make sure you do a WHOLE BODY WORKOUT. Here was mine today:

Leg Press
Butterfly (on a machine)
Calf machine
Overhead shoulder press (on a machine)
Lower back torso lifts w weight (don't know what it's really called)
Seated crunch (on a machine)
Seated Curls (on a machine)
Seated Tricep Extensions (on a machine)
Seated row (on a machine)
Incline dumbell press (yes a 2nd chest workout, for good measure)

Then I finished up with stretching. I was much closer to failure on my sets today. Then I followed up with 35g of protein shake, salami/cheese sandwich, grapes, soy chips, and water.

Then Brian went on to tell me how much better looking he was than me on top of also being able to read the difference between  MORE THAN and NO-MORE THAN.  So instead of focusing on single joint exercises I focused on multi-joint ones.  I will correct for the next workout. 
To compensate I broke out my 25lbs dumb-bells and went to exhaustion. (x20) I will continue to compensate in the coming days.  I am still rocking the slow-carb diet:

Food Intake Day #2:
A cup of coffee
2 servings of turkey
6 scoops of whey protein (3 in the AM  / 3 in the PM)
A three bean spinach salad w/ turkey (pre-made on monday)
A SpongeBob Centrum
A Sugar-Free Red Bull
Plutos Half Salad w/ mixed greens, peas, tomatoes, red peppers, sunflower
seeds, garbanzo beans, broccoli X2, chicken and steak
3 Siggs of Water 

Lunch is by far the meal where I'm most likely to blow it.  Put a basket of bread in front of me at a lunch with work buddies and watch me go to town! Prepacking the portions and ingredients is the best way for me make the best decisions and stay on track.  Also, if I make it through breakfast and lunch its much easier for me to continue through the evening as I don't want to waste all my momentum!


  1. Are you eating breakfast? You should be. And what's this compensation? That's not in the Tim Ferris plan (less is more).

    What are you mixing your scoops of protein with? Milk? (Adds about 10 more grams protein depending on how much you use.)

  2. Today I ate the turkey for breakfast, with the coffee, then had the scoops (just with water - mid morning) I think i'm going to try almond milk and reg. milk too

  3. Rode my bike to work today. Sore as a MoFo. How many days are you putting between workouts? Rest is KEY.

  4. 3 days, feeling lazy though... eating well is the biggest motivator for me to get to the gym, I feel like I'm wasting all this good nutrition.

    1st lift one was on monday, I'll do a revised workout w/ more single joint exercises on thursday. Sunday is 'dieters gone wild day' for counting crows at the greek in berkeley! you can get a free ticket by volunteering to hand out posters! do it

  5. Considering it...

    Just got home....rode my bike to and from work. 6.7 miles each way at 25 minutes a piece. Not part of the Ferris weight gain regime, but still not a bad habit to get into...and 650 calories burned to boot! Aiming to ride Friday as well.