Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 8

Back in the gym. The back is already sore again. But its good to see improvement (at least a little) almost across the board. Either I'm getting better at getting to failure (ie putting more effort in) or I am getting in better shape, or maybe a little of both! I also took my blood pressure at Safeway after! A hearty 121 / 71 - still great :) so besides the extra reps or extra weight lifted, there is not a whole lot of great positive feed back in terms of body changes or weight loss. I do think I may turn the corner in that area shortly and will continue to have faith in the plan!

Workout #3
YR 45(1)+10(1) x10
Shoulder shrugs - 45(1) + 35(1) x10
Overhead Rope Pull 42.5 x19

Leg Press 3 x 45lbs + 1 x 25lbs each side x14
Calf Extensions 230 x 21
Hamstring Curls - 160lbs x 15

Dead Lift - 45+10 (each) x 10
Back Extension - 25lbs x 22
Leglifts x 25

Incline bench - 45(1) + 10(1) x 10
Pec-fly - 120lbs. x15
Dip Machine (70lbs of help) x 10
Tri Pushdown (rope) 57.5lbs x 8

Food Intake:
1/2 cup of blueberries
Spinach Bolanis
A cup of Coffee
Quinoa Salad w/ Black beans
Protein Shake with Almond Milk
Chicken Breast
Chicken Sausage
Pumpkin Health Biscuit
2 Glasses of Wine

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  1. So three workouts in and my biceps are approx 1/4" bigger in diameter from 12 3/8" to 12 5/8". Five more workouts to go should hopefully yield another 1/2" or more to break the 13" threashold.