Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 7

The week winds down and the 2 most notable things for me had nothing to do with either my diet or my work out regime. I woke up with a most unexpected 15 yelp compliments (fun little props you can get from other yelpers if they like what you wrote). Turns out while I was sleeping I was selected for Review of the Day! A most hilarious review of mine was on the front page of yelp/sanjose for the whole day. THEN I got to finally see Counting Crows and they did not disapoint. I was a little worried after some folks claiming to be big fans had not such nice words about their past experiences seeing them. Other than that, "dieters gone wild" day, a day Tim Ferriss tells us to "eat whatever you want" was fairly low key. My "splurges" were a HUGE piece of banana, baklava and a tripple-shot mocha. Back to the routine and back in the gym in the morning.

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