Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 4

Back in the Gym! I had my first flirt session with injury. I put too much weight along with being more tired due to the extra, single-joint exercises added in after my multi-joint sets. I'm not too much trouble but I am uncomfortable right now. It's only 4 days in but I am starting to get a little anxious about Brian being accurate in his analysis of my combination of the two programs and instead of 'getting the best of both worlds' (IE loosing 20lbs of fat and gaining 34lbs of muscle) I'll be getting worse results in both programs. We will see.... Here's how today in the gym went:

Yates Row - 45(1)+10(1) x 8
Shoulder shrugs - 45(1) + 35(1) x8
Overhead Rope Pull - 35lbs x 20

Leg Press - 45(6 - total 3 each side) x 14
Calf Extensions 210lbs x 20
Hamstring Curls - 140lbs x 15

Deadlift - 45(1) 35(1) x1 #fail / back tweak
Do-over 45(1) x8
Back extensions w/ 25lbs plate - x20
Leg Lifts x23

Incline bench - 45(1) + 10(1) x8
Pec-fly - 110lbs. x15
Dip Machine (80lbs of help) x10
Tri Pushdown (rope) 50lbs x10

Food Intake:
A cup of coffee
A homemade bowl of Lental Spinach soup by @robynhannah
An Apple
A Turkey and Spinach Sandwich with 7 grain bread
3 scoops of Whey Protein
1 cup of Milk
Quinoa w/ mixed veggies by @robynhannah
Big Chicken Breast
Bowl of vegetarian Split Pea soup
1/2 spinach bolani
2 glasses of wine

1 comment:

  1. Dude relax on the injured joints. That shit will put you out for weeks. I guess this is why it's advised not to use toooo much weight. And also important to stretch.

    Have you tried the almond milk yet?

    Don't let my words discourage you. I think as long as you work out and consume lots of protein you'll still see lots of change. Combining the diets will probably yield mostly weight loss with a touch of "toning" going on in the muscle department. I gather this is what you're after anyway.

    Yesterday I played tennis and my serve was deadly! I like to think my newfound workout regime has added a little power to my overhead smash.

    As for my diet today:
    Nonfat strawberry yogurt and fiberous cereal
    Milkbased protein shake
    Fiberous cereal and milk
    2 large sliced Patxi's pizza (peperoni and sausage)
    2 PBR's at said establishment
    and counting....