Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3

Whoa, woke up at 2:00AM SUPER hungry! Here's what I think happen, keep in mind i'm no doctor. I've been pretty good at keeping a steady stream of the three basic Tim Farris food groups including last night when I had a pretty diesel extra meat salad from Plutos. However, there's no question all this healthy eating has decreased my caloric load significantly and last night my stomach was looking for a couple jack in the box tacos. Ironically there was one in the fridge from last weekend, funny and gross.

My legs are still sore but I'm itching to get back in the gym. As I told Brian, I'm feeling lazy... eating well is the biggest motivator for me to get to the gym, I feel like I'm wasting all this good nutrition.

Food Intake
1 cups of raw broccoli with Sierra Nevada Pale-Ale Mustard
2 servings of sliced turkey
7 baby carrots
3 Bean Salad w/ Spinich and Turkey (last of the first lunch batch I made)
2 cups of quinoa w/ mixed veggies
1/4 of a Bolani
Steak Spinach Salad from Willow Street (no Gorgonzola - HUGE STEP FOR ME)
A bowl of homemade Spinach Lental Soup from @robynhannah
A glass of red wine (Zin)

1 comment:

  1. I was going to wait to tell you this to see how your experiment goes but here I go anyway;

    Does Tim ever discuss combining these two diets? If so, I didn't see it anywhere. His weight gain plan seems to dictate eating massive amounts of calories with a heavy lean toward protein. However, the weight loss diet doesn't seem to advocate massive quantities of calories. These goals seem to be in conflict. But here's where I think it will take you. I believe following the weight loss diet, with a lean toward protein, and working out twice a week to failure will probably not give you much muscle gain (result, you'll not increase your metabolism much via the big gains in muscle mass), however, if you stick to the diet to the letter, you'll probably lose up to 80% of the weight that Tim claims he was able to lose. So if he lost 25lbs, I think you'll lose 20 lbs... in 6 weeks. But you're going for 4 weeks meaning I expect you can lose up to 13.5lbs. The reason I say you can only reach 80% of Tim's potential is because I know what can happen during the weekends (boozing>>>tacos>>>lazy Sundays...etc).

    But 13.5 lbs in 4 weeks would be awesome! That's over 3 lbs per week!

    Good luck man. Prove me wrong and drop 20lbs!